Dear fellow writers, thank you for considering to write for Sleepy Mums Village!

This blog is specifically created for mums who struggle with exhaustion and sleep deprivation, some may even be battling postnatal depression as a result.

And now, I’ve decided to open up my blog for guest writers. For you!

Perfect Topics for Sleepy Mums Village

Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips

This is a very popular section on my blog! Topics that I welcome in this area include: regressions, routines, sleep training, sleep safety, sleep tips for sick babies, sleep aids (eg white noice, comforters), and common sleep problems.

Sleepy Mum Tips

Our sleepy mum blogs take the focus away from the child and zoom in unto the mum instead. Any topics that support our sleepy mums can include: breastfeeding tips, self-care, postnatal depression, surviving sleep deprivation, parenting without a village,…


This is a new section that I’ve decided to include to my blog. It specifically focusses on the work-at-home-mum who is struggling to combine motherhood, household duties, and her business.

Pregnancy Tips

Sleeping while pregnant can be quite the challenge. Some women already become sleep deprived before the baby even arrives.

Sleepy Mums Village also writes for those sleep deprived, pregnant mamas. Topics that can be covered include: general sleep tips, pregnancy tips for new mums, pregnancy tips for mums who are expecting their 2nd/3rd baby, common pregnancy issues that can affect sleep (eg reflux).

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Writing for Sleepy Mums Village

When you write for us, you will get:

  • An author bio where you can promote your website and social media
  • The chance to be featured on our Featured Contributor page (coming soon) when you’ve written at least 2 blog posts for Sleepy Mums Village
  • Promotion on our social media profiles
  • Potential traffic coming from Sleepy Mums Village
  • The ability to reach a new audience
  • Extra writing experience

Writing Requirements

  • All guest posts should be at least 1,000 words long.
  • Your post should be unique content that has never been published before and won’t be shared on another website afterwards either.
  • Guest posts may not include any affiliate links, but can include 1 link to an article from your own blog (if it’s relevant to the topic).

How to Apply for Guest Writing

If you have a topic you believe is perfect for Sleepy Mums Village, email me with your suggested topics.

Please note, not all blog ideas will be approved.

Once your idea is approved, I will email you with all the details to get access to the backend. There you can write your post and submit it for review.

Great! That’s it. I look forward to hearing from you soon and sharing your stories on Sleepy Mums Village.

Talk soon,


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