Sleep Deprived? Let's Look at the Facts.

Did you know that:


  • 50% of Australian babies between 1 and 2 years old are surviving on less than 8 hours of sleep at night?
  • 75% of mums (with babies sleeping more than 5 hours a night) believe sleep is one of the greatest challenges of parenthood, increasing to 83% of mums whose babies sleep less than 5 hours a night?
  • 52% of mums find it challenging to establish a good sleep routine?
  • lack of sleep affects 91% of mums and takes toll on 3 in 4 relationships?

Just Imagine...

  • Your child has a perfect nap schedule and goes down without a fuss.
  • Bedtime routines are easy and (pretty much) hassle-free.
  • You place your child in their bed at 6pm or 7pm and they sleep straight until 6am or 7am.
  • Your child, you, and your partner wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.


Does this sound like music to your ears?


I know I did an insanely-silly-happy-dance when it first happened to us!


My daughter was about 10.5 months old and had tried pretty much anything to get her to sleep better. Eventually, my extreme sleep deprivation and postpartum depression led me to contact a sleep consultant.


Just to let you in on a little secret: although it was mostly sleep training that did the trick, there were many more little things I had failed to do before I asked an intervention. This caused my daughter to have the all famous catnaps and night wakings (upto 5 or 6 times a night) for months and months.


I've learned a lot from my journey to finding sleep again, and today I'm sharing my tips and tricks with many sleepy mums, just like you!

Help your baby sleep better with these 5 quick and easy tips.

Start With Baby Steps To Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed

Step One


Start with implementing small changes at a time.

Your baby (and you) have been following a certain routine for a while, whether this was intentional or not.

Don't make changes harder than they need to be for either of you.


That's why I created a list of 5 easy tips that I used myself to help my daughter nap and sleep better.

Simply download them and implement them at your own pace.

Step Two


Take one tip at a time, whether you start in the order I set them or not. Use them as they work for you and your family.


Just take it step by step. You can implement 1 tip a day, or use several days for each to allow for a smoother transition.

Step Three


Enjoy all the other tips and tricks you'll be receiving in the next couple of days, even weeks in my newsletter.


The information you'll be receiving is more detailed than on the blog. I'll even share with you my own success and failures along the way.


Topics you'll receive include: the main reason why babies don't sleep at night, baby's crying, bedtime routines, and more!

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start preparing for your much deserved night's sleep now.

Statistics taken from Sweet Dream Babies and Kidspot.

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