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Dear sleepy mum,

Are you looking for a baby sleep resource that answers all your questions, and where you can receive advice from expert sleep consultants?

You may have considered sleep training your child, or you may have almost accepted that’s just how it is: ‘One day my child will be a perfect sleeper‘.

Even if you relate more to the last category, a part of you must be wondering what this one stop baby sleep resource is. Else you wouldn’t have come to check out my post.

And am I happy you did!

See, I’ve bumped into a great resource that every sleep deprived mama could use: the Members Area.

Why? Well, let’s sit down together and I’ll answer some of the questions you may have.

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*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. This is at no extra cost to you!

1. What Exactly Is the Members Area?

The Members Area is an incredible and unique resource for parents to help their children (and themselves) sleep better.

It’s jam-packed with a wide range of resources that will help you overcome all the bumps and hurdles that you’ll meet during your sleep solution journey. It’s almost like someone’s holding your hand this entire time!

Their resources are so broad, that any parent will find this helpful. Whether you’re a new mummy, or you’re experienced in raising a football team, there’s information and tips for everyone of you who’s (still) trying to master their children’s sleep issues.

2. What Resources Can I Find in the Members Area?

A. Live Chats

These Live Chats allow you to have real-time help from the experts. They’re not available 24/7, so you’ll have to be mindful of their (local) online times.

If there’s a large time difference between your country and their local USA times, this may be a little tricky. However, considering you’re here to discover a way to help your child sleep, I’d imagine you’re up at night anyway.

Expert sleep consultants can chat with upto 5 to 7 guests at a time, so you may have to be patient if there’s a lot of mums seeking much needed advice.

That said, I think the Live Chats are a great feature! Especially because you can also chat with other sleepy mums like yourself.

B. eBooks

The Members Area has 5 e-books available for you to read online. If you want to, there is an option for you to download the ebooks at a discounted price.

I myself prefer to download them on my computer, but then again… it doesn’t make that much difference whether you read these books as a pdf, or online on the website. As long as you’re able to get access to the information, that’s all that matters, right?

Of course, if you want to have the option of reading the e-books once your membership expires, you’ll have to purchase them at the discounted rate first. Else you’ll lose all this information (obviously).

Just so you know, these 5 e-books – that you’ll be able to read at any time during your membership – have a total value of $193 USD! A pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Oh, you know what else is pretty cool with the online e-books though?

If you have a question about anything mentioned in the book, you can simply leave a comment on the chapter! An expert sleep consultant will then reply as soon as possible.

C. Discounted Personal Sleep Consultations

Another wonderful perk of this membership is that you can book a personalised sleep plan with a 20% discount. You can choose from three options:

  • Express Sleep Plan (an immediate plan and 1 email with a sleep expert)
  • Email Consulting
  • Phone Consulting

Depending on which package you choose, this discount could make up for the cost of your membership! This can be very interesting for some mums. Especially if you initially wanted to DIY the sleep training yourself, and then discovered some hurdles you struggle to overcome without extra help.

D. Access to Tele-Seminars

As a member, you’ll receive access to previously recorded tele-seminars. There’s a nice amount of recordings available, covering topics like:

  • Mastering naps and schedules
  • How to handle nap transitions and short naps
  • Dealing with early rising and bedtime battles
  • Sleep regressions: 6 months, 4 months, 8 months, 11 months, 18 months and 2 years
  • Sleep training and co-sleeping
  • Night weaning
  • Breastfeeding and sleep training
  • And more

The tele-seminars also cover separate sections for newborns and infants, and toddlers. So you can just listen to the recordings that fit your child’s age.

E. Other Interesting Inclusions

Besides the above-mentioned services, you can also:

  • Read an extensive amount of articles
  • Fill out assessment quizzes
  • Discover case studies
  • Download a personal sleep plan workbook, sleep logs, sleep coaching worksheet, and a sample schedule.
  • Listen to uplifting words for those challenging moments, motivating you to keep going

3. Can I Ask Expert Advice From a Sleep Consultant?

Yes, you can! As I said before, you will have access to the live chats in which you can talk to an expert and ask all your questions.

If you’re looking for a more personalised support, you can also enjoy a 20% discount on their sleep coaching services.

4. How Much Does a Members Area Membership Cost?

When you decide to sign up to the Members Area, you’ll have the option between three subscriptions:

  • 1 Month Subscription: $69 USD
  • 3 Month Subscription: $99 USD
  • 6 Month Subscription: $129 USD

Subscriptions automatically renew, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to get access when you most need it.

Are you ready to leave the Members Area? No worries! Simply cancel at any time you wish.

Please note, membership fees are subjected to change.

5. Is a Members Area Membership Right for me?

As I was able to take a sneak peek ‘behind the scenes’, I actually believe this could work for any mum looking for baby sleep tips and helpful baby sleep resources.

Why? Because it gives you the option to DIY sleep train your child AND purchase a discounted, personalised sleep plan if the DIY doesn’t work out.

A one month subscription of $99 USD gives you access to 5 ebooks valued at $193 USD and live chats with sleep consultants. That by itself already pays back for the membership, really.

On the other hand, if you believe your child will eventually ‘grow out’ of their sleep issues, and sleep training is just a ‘waste of money’, then this membership is probably not for you.

Just to quickly recap all this information, a membership to the Members Area will give you:

  • the option to talk to a sleep expert in a live chat
  • access to 5 ebooks with a total value of $193 USD at any time
  • a 20% discount for personalised sleep consultations
  • a library with articles and tele-seminars covering all kinds of common baby and toddler sleep issues
  • free downloads to assist you with sleep training your child

Oh, did I tell you there are more than 41,000 families sleeping soundly after joining the Members Area?

Will you be one of them?

Talk soon,

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