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Dear sleepy mum,

Have you been considering sleep training your baby? If your answer is ‘yes’, you have come to the right place!

If you’ve been following me, you probably remember that I was once a sleep deprived mummy myself. Just like you, I was up hours on end for many, many long nights. I had tried pretty much anything: rocking, singing, pacing, feeding, music TV channels (I know, I know), … nothing seemed to do the trick. Until I decided I had had enough and contacted a sleep consultant.

It changed my life for the better! In fact, I’m now recommending every mum to not hold off and wait for things to get better. They most likely won’t. I know many mums who just suffer through this, even with toddlers, while really… there’s a solution. You just have to reach out for it.

Reaching out for help does not make you a bad mum. It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It may feel like you are, I know I felt like one many times, but you’re not.

The fact is that you’ve been doing your very best to help your baby to fall (and stay) asleep. Most likely, nobody has told you how to actually teach this skill to your child. That’s right, sleeping is a skill.

As parents, we need to teach our babies and young children how they can soothe themselves to sleep. If they keep relying on us to put them to sleep, how will they ever learn how to do this themselves?

They’ll always keep looking for the external sources to help them get back to sleep. Whether it’s a dummy, a feed, some rocking and pacing in your arms, or a drive down town,… they will be searching for it in the middle of the night.

This is exactly what this sleep training method will teach you: helping your child (and you) sleep through the night!

Because I want you to have as much information as possible, this has become quite a long post. So feel free to grab a cuppa and your favourite snack (you know you want to), put your feet up, and join me.

I promise you won’t regret hanging out with me for a little longer.

baby boy sleeping while mum holds his hand.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. This is at no extra cost to you!

Since having established Sleepy Mums Village, I have come across a lot of resources that can help sleepy mums like you. One of them is the amazing Sleep Sense™ Program by Dana Obleman.

Dana was once like you and me: a sleep deprived mum. She has gone through all the same ups and downs like we have, trying to find THE perfect method to help her baby sleep. Dana still remembers very vividly how it felt to be extremely sleep deprived, to feel like a failure because the baby won’t go to sleep, to have tried everything possible without success.

Now, she’s on a mission to help other sleep deprived mums and has designed this amazing online program.

We’ve already been through the stage of sleep training our daughter. However, Dana allowed me access to her Gold Package program just so I can tell you all about it before you spend a cent!

And just so you know, the Sleep Sense™ Program offers two sleeping techniques you can try. One of these is the same technique our sleep consultant taught us and it worked like a charm for us.

Obviously, I won’t share all of Dana’s secrets because that wouldn’t be fair. However, I will have a peak behind the scene and discuss the resources you’ll be receiving, their quality, and if it’s worth the investment.

In other words, will you receive bang for your buck? Let’s have a look, shall we?

Three Different Packages to Choose From

Firstly, Dana’s Sleep Sense™ Program exists in three different packages. This is important to know as each package has a different value and therefore gives you different resources.

  • Basic Package (Budget): USD 29.00
  • Gold Package (Most Popular): USD 67.00
  • Premium Package (VIP Service): USD 129.00

When you purchase the Basic Package, you will receive: The Sleep Sense™ downloadable ebook, Quick Start guide and workbook, and Sleep Setbacks Solved video recordings.

The Gold Package includes all the elements of the Basic Package plus the 14-Day Sleep video training system, and Baby Sleep Bootcamp video recordings.

If you are able to invest more, you can choose the Premium Package. It offers you all the previous resources plus more personalised support. You will have access to the Sleep Sense™ Telephone Hotline and Personalised Email support sessions.

->I’m not sure yet. I would like a free sleep assessment.<-

The Included Resources

Sleep Sense™ Downloadable eBook

ebook with sleeping baby for Sleep Sense Program

Not only is this ebook beautifully and professionally designed, I immediately felt like Dana knew exactly how I was feeling when I was sleep deprived. I was at page 8 and already said several times: ‘Yes, yes, I know this. I’ve been through this too’.

Now, just so you know, the introduction of the book starts at page 5 and the first chapter at page 7. I only just started the book and felt so understood already.

For example, she mentioned how mums tend to fight most of the night battles alone while the dads are still snoring their dreams away. So true!

The ebook contains 210 pages of information for you. Here are some of the topics Dana covers:

  • the use of sleep props
  • crying
  • nap time
  • common problems that may arise

And of course, it includes all the steps necessary to help your baby sleep. She’s divided these strategies according to age, starting at the newborn stage right up to 1 year +.

The Quick Start Guide

During the sleep program, you can track your child’s progress through the Quick Start Guide. This workbook allows you to plan your ideal schedule, bedtime and nighttime strategies, and nap time strategies. With each template, Dana also provides an example which makes filling in your workbook a breeze.

Sleep Setback Videos

Dana answers common questions in 10 exclusive videos that contain over 2 hours of combined footage. In these videos she shares her own experiences, and again, these were so recognisable to me.

She talks about the use of sleep props, the importance of bedtime routines, nap time, common problems and pitfalls. She also has several videos that zone into the different age groups, and a video dedicated to twins and triplets.

Daily Coaching Videos

video screen shots from the Sleep Sense™ Program

This is a brand new feature that Dana included into the Sleep Sense™ Program. She states that these coaching videos have revolutionised the program and I couldn’t agree more.

They offer an incredible value to this program. Each day of the program (for 14 days), you can tune into a new video with advice and tips perfect for that specific day.

Most days have 1 video, but some days you’ll be watching 2, 3, and even 4 videos. Some days you’ll also receive an extra download you can use to help you out with the program.

These daily coaching videos are based upon the specific age group you’ve selected when purchasing the program. This means that the 14-day sleep coach video training will be 100% relevant to your child!

Baby Sleep Bootcamp Videos

The Bootcamp videos are perfect if you don’t want to read through the ebook. Dana hosted live presentations which she has now made available for the Gold and Platinum Package mums. It’s almost like having Dana explain the book to you in person.

The bootcamp videos are divided in three parts:

  • Newborn Bootcamp
  • 4 to 12 Month Bootcamp
  • Toddler Bootcamp

The Sleep Sense™ Telephone Hotline*

This feature includes weekly conference calls only available for Platinum customers. You can directly call Dana or just listen in. There is no time limit of how often you can use the hotline.

Two Personalised Email Support Sessions*

Do you have more questions specific to your child? Simply contact Dana on her personal email address. Platinum customers are entitled to 2 personalised emails.

* Because I already completed sleep training with my daughter, and only had access to the Gold Package, I cannot provide you any more detailed information.

100% Money Back Guarantee

How is your cuppa? I see you’re still with me which is great! I have some exciting news for you.

Because Dana is so confident in the success of the Sleep Sense™ Program, she offers every customer a 100% money back guarantee. Best of all, it includes a full refund within 12 months!

That’s right: a FULL refund within 12 months if the program did not help your child sleep. What do you have to loose?

baby girl wearing pink onesie sleeping on bed

Is This Sleep Training Method Right For You?

Still not sure if this program is right for you? Have a look at the following statements to find out.

This program IS for you if you:

  • Have had enough of being sleep deprived and want your good nights sleep back
  • Desperately want your baby to sleep through the night and nap well
  • Feel ready to say goodbye to all the rocking, singing, feeding, and riding baby to sleep moments
  • Would love to be able to put your child to bed awake and at set times
  • Really want your child to self-soothe and put themselves back to sleep, so you can sleep too
  • Are looking for a cheaper option than a personal sleeping consultant
  • Enjoy reading and learning on your own time and space, and start the training when you’re ready

This program IS NOT for you if you:

  • Feel the need to have someone standing next to you during the first night of training
  • Prefer a more personal approach than an online program
  • Are not ready to let go of the enjoyment of your child falling asleep in your arms, on your chest, … every time
  • Struggle to find the discipline to go through the program by yourself

I Want to Go Ahead, But Which Package Would Be Best?

I’ll quickly recap the different packages.

The Basic Package is the budget friendly option and includes: The Sleep Sense™ downloadable ebook, Quick Start guide and workbook, and Sleep Setbacks Solved video recordings.

The Gold Package is the most popular one and includes all the elements of the Basic Package PLUS the 14-Day Sleep video training system, and Baby Sleep Bootcamp video recordings.

Finally, you can choose the Premium Package and receive all the previous resources PLUS the Sleep Sense™ Telephone Hotline and Personalised Email support sessions.

  • Do you have a limited budget?
  • Are you happy to read through the 210 paged ebook?

Then the BASIC package is for you!

  • Can you spend a little bit more money?
  • Do you prefer to receive some extra help and tips every day for 14 days?
  • Are you feeling put off by reading through the ebook and prefer to watch videos instead?

Then the GOLD package is your ideal choice!

  • Are you able to afford the VIP package?
  • Do you want to feel like you can ask questions along the way and feel less alone?
  • Would you prefer personal advice and communication?

Then the PREMIUM package is waiting for you now!

->I Want the Sleep Sense™ Program now!<-

A Few More Things Before I Go

Phew! We are almost there! I know this is a lot of information to swallow, but I really want you to be able to make an informed decision and feel confident in the purchase of your package.

Just to give you another reminder, the Sleep Sense™ Program comes with a 100% full refund guarantee and this for 12 months! Dana is so confident in the success of this program, she is willing to give you your entire investment back – within 12 months! Where else can you find a deal like this? Most programs will offer you a full refund for a very limited time only.

Also, when you purchase the packages, you’ll have to pick the age group your child is in. You can always upgrade this for a small fee if you would need a different age. For example, when you want to sleep train your second child, but they’re at a different age than your first.

However, you won’t have to upgrade to a different age if you’re happy to just read the ebook. This covers all the different age groups. The upgrade is only necessary if you want the videos the match your child’s age.

Besides all the inclusions of your Sleep Sense™ package, you’ll also see some extra tips and tricks pop up in your mail box now and then.

Oh, and I almost forgot! If you buy the Sleep Sense™ Program, you will automatically receive a discount for Dana’s other programs as well.

For a reduced fee, you can then purchase:

That’s it! Congratulations, you made it to the end of my post! *happy dance*

Are you ready to get some more sleep? Or is something holding you back from going ahead with sleep training your baby? Let me know in the comment section below or get in touch with me personally.

Talk soon,

P.S. Get into the perfect sleep training program now via this link.

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