6 Short Bedtime Stories My Daughter Adores

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Dear sleepy mum,

As you may have already noticed, bedtime routines (and bedtime stories) are a necessary part of the day. Whether you’re preparing your child for a nap or for their night’s sleep, a routine is important.

Routines bring structure and predictability to your child’s day. They make him feel safe as he knows exactly what’s happening next and what is expected from him.

The bedtime routine before a nap is slightly different than the one proceeding the night, but the main structure is the same.

Whether it’s for a nap or the night, I always read my daughter two stories (one if it’s a longer story). Now she’s a bit older (she’ll turn 3 in July), she loves to pick her own books. Usually, it’s one of the following bedtime stories in the list below.

They’re a regular part of the bedtime routine and some bedtime stories we’ve read so many times, she even knows the words by heart.

Mum and dad reading with their toddler girl on the floor.

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1. The Beginner’s Bible Kid-Sized Devotions

A few months ago, I started praying to God to show me a good Bible that could work for a 2.5 year old. We had a few ‘baby’ Bibles and children’s Bibles that we were gifted, but all of them covered the same popular stories without actually referring much to the Bible.

I was looking for something close to an adult Bible, yet great for young children. Then one day, one of our church members came to visit. She had brought a bag of gifts for our daughter. And one of those gifts was – you guessed it! – the ‘Beginner’s Bible Kid-Sized Devotions’.

My prayers were answered yet again! This Bible was exactly what I was looking for. Every page covers a part of a Bible story. It mentions the verse and a short description to clarify the verse. Then it also has a lesson note in it, like a ‘what did we learn from today’s story?’.

I particularly love it because of the Scripture written in it, and because it covers a lot more than just the popular Bible stories.

Oh, and there are also beautiful illustrations on every single page for your little one to look at. They are the perfect length to include in your bedtime routine.

We’ve created the habit to read from her Bible first, and then she can select one (or two depending on the length of the story) books we’ll read.

2. A Time for Everything

This is one of those bedtime stories our girl knows from front to back and back to front. ‘A Time for Everything’ has lovely, bold coloured pictures and the text on every page rhymes. Which child doesn’t like a good rhyme?

We also love this one as it’s a fun way of learning the Word of God. After all, this book is based on the verses in Ecclesiastes 3. It’s a great start to prepare your child for the ups and downs in life – there’s a time for everything.

3. Cutie Fruities and the Fruit of the Spirit

Another favourite bedtime story! This is the newest edition to our toddler’s bookcase and she loves it!

‘Cutie Fruities and the Fruit of the Spirit’ teaches your child about, you guessed it… the fruit of the Spirit. All nine fruits are represented as a different girl. In rhyme, they show your little one what is expected from them according to the Word of God.

The most exciting part for my girl is that, every other page has a fruit you can scratch and it smells like the fruit pictured. Our girl loves this fun and surprising element of the book!

4. Really Feely Farm

This book is great for babies and toddlers!

‘Really Feely Farm’ has real-life images of farm animals and covers them with different textures: fluffy patches, bumpy patterns, and tactile glitter.

In our home, it’s become a bit of a game when we read this bedtime story. Our girl asks us what animal we see, and we name the wrong animal. She then starts laughing and says ‘Noooo!’. This keeps going for a while until we ‘guess’ it correct.

Of course, if bedtime routines are new for you, I probably wouldn’t make a game out of it. Bedtime routines are meant to be soothing. Our ‘game’ just happened by accident, not realising she’d enjoy it that much.

If something similar would happen with your child, don’t panic. Just enjoy it for a bit and then calm them down with a second story.

toddler reading a bedtime story and 2 images of bedtime stories

5. Look Inside Noah’s Ark

Which child doesn’t like to listen to the story of Noah’s Ark? The massive boat that got filled with all animal species and survived an incredible flood.

‘Look Inside Noah’s Ark’ takes your toddler through the entire journey of Noah. From building the ark, the animals entering and the flood, to the rainbow – God’s promise to never flood the earth again.

The exciting part of this bedtime story, is that your little one can lift up one of the many flaps and discover what happened next.

6. Spot Says Goodnight

If you’ve visited a book shop lately, you’ve surely bumped into the cheeky brown dog named Spot.

There’s already an entire series of stories available from Spot, but we only have two at this stage: ‘Spot Says Goodnight’ and ‘Where’s Spot?’. Our daughter loves them both.

We have noticed, however, that the second book may have contributed to a small fear: crocodiles under the bed. When Spot’s mum is looking for him, she looks everywhere. One of the places she looks, is under his bed. But instead of Spot hiding there, she finds a crocodile.

At first, she really loved this story, but when she started asking us to check under the bed for crocodiles, we decided to drop this one as a bedtime story.

Of course, every child is different and yours might be totally fine with it.

The other book ‘Spot Says Goodnight’ is absolutely perfect to help your toddler wind down, and still have this tiny bit of fun before ending the day.

There you go, these are the 6 favourite bedtime stories of our cheeky toddler. Of course, our bookcase has many more books, but these stand out amongst them all.

Which bedtime stories does your toddler absolutely adore? Feel free to let me know in the comment section below. Who knows? It might become a new favourite for our girl too!

Talk soon,

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