Imagine your baby sleeping through the night!

What an amazing feeling this must be.
Let me tell you: It is incredible!

Are you ready to reclaim your good night’s sleep?
Then grab my 5 easy tips, so you can help your baby sleep better!

Welcome to My Online Village!

Are you sick and tired of being absolutely exhausted?
Is your child waking up multiple times at night?
Are you looking for ways to help your baby to sleep better?
Do you often feel misunderstood and not supported?

Then you have come to right place!

Hi! I’m Ann…

And I have gone through incredible sleep deprivation myself, having no village at all. This even resulted in a diagnosis of ‘mild PND’. I guess I was ‘lucky’ it was only mild.

Eventually, I realised I needed help and contacted a sleep consultant. Since her visit, my daughter slept through from 6pm until 5am on the 2nd night! Her day naps were fixed within 2 weeks.

My goal now is to help you get your baby to sleep, so you can have your long awaited good night’s sleep too.

I created this little space on the internet for you! Because I know how exhausting it can actually be. Because I want you to know that you are not alone. Because I want you to feel supported and understood. Because sometimes it truly takes a village to raise a child!

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